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Spotlighted here is a photo of a fundraising partner at a Derby KS restaurant | Madrocks Sports Bar & Grill


  • Arrange a Fundraiser Night with your local Madrocks (it can be an all day event)
  • We'll send you a marketing voucher to print and distribute to your friends and supporters
  • Friends and supporters must present voucher at time of ordering to have a purchase applied to the fundraising event
  • Mondays, Tuesday, Wednesdays, Thursdays are the only days you may hold fundraising events at Madrocks.


$200-$299 (10% of sales)
$300-$599 (15% of sales earned)
$600+ (20% of sales earned)
Note: Organizations must generate at least $200 in net sales to qualify for fundraising donation


  • Schools
  • Boys & Girl Scouts
  • PTA's
  • Religious Groups, Churches & Organizations
  • School Marching Bands, Orchestras & Choirs


  • Promote your fundraiser on Social Media platforms
  • Send an email blast to your network
  • Stuff your fundraising vouchers in the backpacks of your students before they leave school
  • Use bright colored (florescent) paper to print the fundraising vouchers
  • Catering & take-out can count toward fundraising sales as long as a voucher is presented
  • Monthly events are available for large groups (e.g. Marching bands, sports teams, etc.)


Once your event has concluded, sales will be calculated, and a check is usually distributed within 2-3 weeks. Proof & Paperwork stating your non-profit organization status must be provided before any donation checks can be issued


  • By law, groups must be part of a non-profit organization. Although we'd like to help everyone in need, we're not able to write fundraising checks to individuals
  • It's Unlawful to include liquor purchases this type of fundraising program
  • Fundraising events cannot be scheduled on Fridays or Saturdays due to our already high-volume of regular customers
  • Fundraising events must be scheduled at least 14 days prior to the event day. This allows us enough time to staff our restaurant appropriately
  • Groups are not allowed to solicit guests entering the restaurant. Fundraising vouchers cannot include those who were already entering the restaurant to dine with us

Pool tables
Pool tables


Here you can find out information about our Fundraising program.
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